Game Introduction - 7 Pin Pool

Game Introduction

7 Pin Pool is a billiard game but with new non-standard rules. Similar to all pool games, the main goal of this one is to beat the opponent.
The difference is that there is no waiting time.
Players don’t need to wait for the opponents, don’t wait while they are preparing a shot.
All players start and end the game at the same time. Additionally, 7 Pin Pool gives the opportunity to play with hundreds of players simultaneously.
So, while the classical billiard or snooker player is losing his patience because the opponent is shooting every ball into the pocket, the 7 Pin Pool player is enjoying every shot.
This game won’t endure for hours if unlucky players can’t shoot the ball. There is a time limited mode, so maximum in 10 minutes the player can beat everybody or lose, return and try again.

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